Unique And Delightful Baby Gift-Basket Ideas For Newborns

A newborn baby is a sign of happiness, love and charm in the family. It’s a magical experience for the entire family as they gear up for making the first days of the baby beautiful and exciting. Gifting the new born is a tradition as well as a beautiful feeling, which you will feel while preparing a gift basket for the baby.
Unique gift ideas
It’s not easy to make out best gifts for newborn babies; perhaps we all try to rejuvenate the special event with some memorable gifts. Gifting toys, clothing, diapers are some common ideas that may come across your mind, but what if you want to make your gift a unique one? Gift baskets, customized gifts or keepsakes like baby hair brush in Singapore are different and very creative ideas that you can try out. You are free to apply your creativity to make unique and exclusive gift items for a baby too.
Souvenirs or keepsakes
The importance of a souvenir in a baby’s life is extraordinary and can be relished during his/her grown up age. You can preserve some memories of the baby, like photos, finger impressions or hair sample in a scrap book and present the baby. Also, there are some unique ideas like baby hair brush (brush made of first hair of the baby), his/her used first toy, a recording of his/her voice and some such splendid gifts. Those gift are not only exclusive, but they are lovely too.
Personalized gifts
Welcoming a new born with some precious gift items is most of the parents’ desire. Personalized gifts though universally applied are very special for the baby. There are plenty of expensive as well as affordable gifts, which you can design for the baby in your style. Jewellery piece engraved with the first initial for the baby or a small silver plate printed with baby’s name can add your gift cart. If you find these expensive, then why not go for a blanket, towel or cute baby furniture for the sweet one? You can also engrave names of your baby in baby plates or baby cot.
Gift baskets
You can also try baby-special gift baskets. This is an exemplary presentation option featuring all the necessary items of a baby including, spa item, lotions and oils, clothing, blanket, baby foods, toys, bathing kit and so on. No surprise, it is a very useful gifting option. You can also make the basket charming by covering it with colourful papers, inserting some eye-pleasing small toys and knotting it with ribbons. The baskets often contain books or magazines for the new mother and father!
So, shop for the unique gift items from the nearly stores or order online and make the day special for the infant.