Traditional Shopping To Modern Day Shopping

What is traditional shopping?

In the past people use to buy goods and services in the form of trade or marketing. That is where the buyer or the purchaser go to the market where many traders sell their goods for a variety of prices and the customers get to bargain and get the good they want for a fair and reasonable price.  This method of shopping has drastically changed at present. People at present do their shopping through various other methods. They either import garments, food, and groceries through friends living overseas or they order things themselves online.  However, there are negative as well as positive results in both traditional and modern purchasing methods.

 The positive side of traditional shopping

The good thing about having the traditional method of purchasing is that you get to see, touch and inspect the food product, vegetable or dress you want to purchase. But for example, if you decide to do online grocery purchasing or online makeup purchasing then you do not get the benefit of being able to touch or see the goods you purchase. In the traditional shopping method, you can choose your buy, pay and then possess the good. You can bring the good home with you and enjoy it. However, this is not the same if you purchase goods online or through a friend. Even after you have done the final payment, you would still have to wait for the goods to arrive to you. It may at times take months to reach you. This would cause utter disappointment and even cause anxiety.

 The positive side of modern day shopping

Through modern day shopping methods, the biggest advantage that one gets is the saving of time. As you purchase goods via online, less time is spent and you do not have to wait in ques to pay for your purchased item. Just the swipe of your credit or debit card or the inserting of your credit card number would be sufficient. You can choose from among a large variety of products and the choices are not limited. You can buy goods from all over the world, and it is not necessary that you have a passport or for you to be a citizen of a country to purchase a good.  At times, the prices of the items which are online are much cheaper than the items in your normal grocery store. If you purchase a good the traditional way and would want to gift it to a friend or family, then you would have to go through all the trauma of packing it and delivering it to them. But through modern purchasing methods you can easily deliver anything you want to anyone at any place in the form of a beautiful gift hamper in Singapore.

 Hackers, the bigger threat

However, there is a disadvantage when you shop online, that is as you shop using your card, any hacker could hack your bank account and use your card in a manner favour to him. this is something that you would want to be very careful about.