Tips For A Glamorous Wedding

Do you want to have a glamorous wedding celebration? Planning a wedding is definitely a hectic task. And that too, if you want to have a glamorous wedding then you will have additional planning that you will need to undertake. Hosting a wedding that is glamorous is everyone’s dream, but only a few are able to pull it off without much extravagance.

So, here are some tips that will come in handy if you want a glamorous wedding.

Choose a theme

The very first thing you need to do is to plan on a theme. It is superlative if you can go with a cooling theme to pull off a glamorous look. Go with a theme like ivory mixed with peach pink, royal blue or even a light shade of cream. Avoid going for bright or very dark colours. Because although they will be showing well, the grandeur of the décor will be lost. It might get too eye catchy or not look all the royal and glamorous after all!


The clothes are the next most important aspect for a glamorous wedding. If you are able to make the guests go, “Wow!” for the bridal gown then you have achieved one of your goals in hosting a glamorous wedding! Avoid going for a gown that is too simple. Instead opt for one that has either thread work and a little bit of shimmer and glitter to it. It is also great to go for a white bridal gown that has white work in it. You can mix a little bit of colour but avoid over doing it. For the groom, it is best to go for either a blue or black coat suit or even a tuxedo with a tie to match the theme. And if you fear that you will be ragged and the clothes may end up getting dirty, don’t worry you will have a high quality washers to help you out with that!


For the décor again you need to ensure that it all synchronizes with the theme. You need to plan out your décor revolving around the theme that you have chosen. Always try to go for a décor that is uncommon and unique. You should always ensure that you don’t go for one that has been used very often. You can also do something interesting like having edible table center pieces. And instead of using only flowers for the décor you can mix it up with some drapes to give it a more royal and glamorous look. Don’t worry about dirtying the drapes because you can get the help of curtain cleaning services to get rid of any stains!


 Food is also a major de facto in deciding how glamorous your wedding turns out to be. It is very important that you choose your menu carefully. Try to include as many as 3 main dish choices and about 4 side dishes accompanying them. Give extra attention to the desserts and don’t forget on having a beautiful cake!