Summer School For Future Doctors

Johns Hopkins University is a research institution based in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A., that focuses on patient care, in addition to researching and teaching. The Advanced Medicine and Health Care program is one of the best known summer courses the university offers.The Johns Hopkins summer medical program targets high school students who consider becoming doctors, as well as students who want to pursue other careers in the health care field. This 10-day on campus program will run 3 times, between June 21st and July 28th, but the number of students who can participate in each session is limited, so there is a waitlist. Tuition can be quite hefty, too, but there is still time to apply for a scholarship or try fundraising to cover at least part of the costs. When you enroll in the program, you can opt for the University and Cultural Extension that allows you to spend 4 extra days in New York to explore deeper the culture of the city, as well as the university admissions process.

A little about the program

With the Johns Hopkins summer medical program, you will get to experience college and campus life alongside international students from culturally-diverse backgrounds to help you decide on a university and a career path. A sample schedule, just to give you an idea of what to expect, might include a campus tour and a skills workshop on the day of arrival, followed by a combination of workshops with lectures and case studies during the next days.

In the workshops, you will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, work in and manage a team – these skills are truly helpful in the 21st century career environment, irrespective of what type of work you will eventually do. But the program also offers hands-on learning medical workshops that include a visit to a medical school where you will get a chance to talk to medical students and personnel; simulated patient visits to a doctor’s office, establishing a diagnosis and devising a treatment plan; as well as a simulated major epidemiologic outbreak, that you will have to try to identify and manage. Besides learning about medicine and medical technologies, you will also understand what it takes to work as a health care professional: strong moral values and academic background, personal commitment, and money invested in your education. Go right here to gather more knowledge about other career summer programs that will gain invaluable experience through hands-on projects and interactions with industry leaders.

Enrollment in the Advanced Medicine and Health Care program, or similar career summer programs, will give your application a better chance of being selected for admission to college. After successfully completing the course, you will earn a personalized Certificate of Completion.