How To Work Efficiently With A New Crew At Work?

Having a new team to lead can be a little daunting; especially if you are expecting to handle major projects shortly. This is especially true, again, if the group you are leading Has no experience working to your style. However, this is not an unsolvable issue. Here are 4 great tips to help you out…

 Present your best version

in our opinion, it’s important that a team trusts their leader and is comfortable with him and her, for them to work efficiently under them. While time plays an important role in making your team trust you, you can try a few tricks to make them more comfortable with working with you. You can, of course try a few corporate team building Singapore tactics and games to help you out…but it can also be something as simple as taking your team out for a meal. Trust us, food has a way of melting any icy situation. Even making this part of you weekly routine has many benefits.

 Try and get to know your team before you are up against a wall

Without a doubt, the proper knowledge about your team members shows its value when you are facing a situation where you feel you are up against a wall. A tight scheduled project pretty much covers this. But it is foolish to wait until then to know if you can work well with your co-workers and subordinates. In our opinion, some well thought out team bonding activities should help you out here. Trust us, the comfort that familiarity brings will help you work more efficiently as a unit when the moment arises. 

 Know what drives each member

Without a doubt, there is a driving force within us all that keeps us alive in this pressurizing business world. Sometimes it’s the passion for making it big, sometimes it is the need to not disappoint your loved ones. More often than not, earning enough money to keep you out of debt is reason enough. Whatever the reason is, it can be advantages knowing what drives and motivates your subordinates. This will help you encourage and motivate them when they have hit a wall.

 Lead through example

Roll your sleeves up and waddle into the work pool with everyone else. While this is great advice for any boss, as truly we believe this is the most efficient method to ensure work happens your way, this is especially great advice for a leader who has a new or young and inexperienced group to lead. Show your juniors you know what you are talking about…and that you are willing to and capable of working just as hard as them. Remember, work smart…!