How To Pack And Move Your Valuable Possessions

Most of the people have prized possessions that they cherish so much. It might be those heirloom pieces that were passed on to them by their families or the jewelries or art collection that they spent money collecting. Whatever it is, it would be heartbreaking to lose or damage these items during the shipping process when one moves from one location to another.

Although most moving companies have guarantees being offered as part of their moving services for your valuable items, it is important to know how to properly pack and transport them during your move. Some items may not be advisable to be moved together by the friendly movers with the rest of your possessions and the best way to ship them is to be carried by yourself. However, if these items are too big to fit your car, chances are they will be ship via truck.
Here are some tips on how to move your valuables when relocating, especially when you decide to entrust them to Singapore moving services.
1. be sure that all your prized possessions are all accounted for
Create an inventory checklist of all your valuables, including the conditions prior to packing and put them in a secure folder. It is advisable to take photos of your items in its current state as part of your documentation process. Should anything happen to your things, it would be easy for you to make a claim to your insurance or the moving company.
2. Acquire insurance for your valuables
Ensure that all valuables that will be moved are covered by insurance. It is your protection in case of damages or loss during their transport. Some big moving companies offer add- on insurance for your big ticket items that will transported by their trucks. But it is sensible that you talk to your insurance broker regarding insuring your items during your move.
3. Ensure that your valuables are correctly packed
All prized possessions should be treated with care. Thus, it is important to pack them right prior to your move. Fragile items should not shake inside the box when you pack them. Make sure to put additional padding if necessary. Your set of china and glasses should be covered with layers of packing paper and placed side by side to keep them from breaking. Put masking tapes under the glass of your paintings or framed photographs to refrain the glass from being broken during transport.
4. Decide which of these items go with you
Small valuable items like jewelries and important documents such as stock certificates generally travel with you when you move. It is much safer if your will facilitate handling of these possessions rather than entrusting them to movers.