Tips On Choosing Hostel Rooms

Hostels are popularly known for being budget friendly. But it is not all hostel rooms that have been created the same and when you select the wrong one you will end up regretting. Before booking for one it is prudent that you do the following:

Create an itinerary

In the city that you are planning to stay what are attraction sites on the list. Are there sites or regions where you are going to be visiting several times. After you narrow down your search pull a map or perform a Google search so that you can find neighborhoods. If you want convenience it is imperative that you select student accommodation that is going to allow you walk a few places where you are going to be spending time in Singapore. If the area is around the city you might end up spending a lot of money. If you do not want to save money select a hostel in a small neighborhood.

Know your personality

Hostels have personalities. Are you an animal who stays throughout the night? Do you like meeting new people during the night? Hostels which are equipped with common areas such as game rooms and kitchens are more social in nature compared to those which do not. Ensure that the hostel has security. Before you book ensure that you search through amenities of the hostel rooms so that you can select the one that features that is going to make the trip well.

How much you want to spend

Budget is a vital factor in the type of hostel room that you are going to select. With hostels rooms there are several ways that you can reduce costs. If you want to stay outside the city and you use public transport most of the time you will save a lot on your room. Selecting hostel rooms with most beds is cheap compared to taking a room that has privacy. There are a few amenities that might be free at one hostel, but expensive in another one. For instance a hostel that includes breakfast should be considered if you are the type of person who likes to start the day with a meal. Find out if things like tours, linen and hot shower are being provided. If the, hostel is equipped with a kitchen the better because you will save money by cooking meals yourself instead of eating outside.

Look for a second option

If you will read the hostel website it looks like a luxury resort because you are going to get rooms which are pristine and staff who are friendly. This not true always before you book it is imperative that you do a lot of homework. There are various resources on the internet that will help you in getting answers that you want.


Before booking for a hostel room, ensure that you are going to keep safety the first priority. Get all the information about crime around that place. Check how close the nearest bus stop is and security measures that the accommodation is equipped with.