Getting Your House Cleaned? : What You Should Look Out For

People nowadays lead hectic lives. In this ever competitive world, when the lines between professional and personal lives become blurred, many outsource everyday things in life to be more efficient. One such task is cleaning the house. Though it may sound like a simple one, cleaning a house requires quite the effort. Furthermore, outsourcing said task is even more daunting. Why? Because you are trusting your house with a stranger. Therefore many are reluctant to take that first step and we understand why. So if you are contemplating on getting a house cleaner, the following may need your attention.


This sounds pretty obvious but you often tend to over look it when caught up with the finer details. Look for testimonials or recommendations. If it is a company, request for quality standards or similar indicators to asses their performance.  Cleaner Services operating for years will posses the experience and reliability needed for consistent service. However if you do discover a house cleaner or company which exceeds expectations, take note to offer positive reviews to pass the word around.

Face time

If you are serious about finding a house cleaning service, make it a point to meet the person or the manager of the business to discuss the job. Especially relevant with individual house keepers, an interview of sorts will be helpful to asses the person. It is important that you are comfortable with the person in order to trust him or her around your home. Furthermore, it will be useful to establish a positive work relationship which will enforce mutual trust.

Precise Price!

Before commencing, it is best if you can get the exact price for the services. This is important to make sure that there are no hidden costs while also keeping an eye out for additional services that you may not need. Furthermore, customize your cleaning schedule for optimum efficiency by discussing the payment plan. Many companies with office cleaning in Singapore experience offer hourly, daily, weekly or monthly packages based on the need. Another aspect which goes hand in hand with the price is the time duration. Request the time slots available and only employ for the time duration that you are comfortable and able to work with.

Mutual benefits

It is advisable that you do a basic cleanup before the cleaner arrives. Many do this feeling shy of being judged; of this you must not worry. If they are professional cleaners, the chances are that they have seen much messier cupboards than yours. But a simple cleanup is useful to avoid important material being mistaken for trash and also freeing the house cleaner to do the sophisticated cleaning that you won’t be able to do.