Common Causes Of Hair Fall And How To Avoid It

Having thick and shiny locks that behave perfectly is a dream many of us have; especially after we are exposed to internet celebrities who have it. Unfortunately, a lot of our day to day activities and habits tend to get in the way of said dream. Instead, most of us have to deal with limp and scanty tresses instead. Here are a few common causes for its fall, and how to avoid it…

  • Stress – stressing can cause a lot more damage to your body than you think. Among other things, over thinking and over worrying can damage your immune system, cause you to break out, and also result in hair fall. Avoid stressful situations all together. If that’s not possible, partake in activities that help you deal with stressing; like yoga or swimming.
  • Lack of proteins in food – the lack of proper nutrients in your foods too may have a lot of ill results to your body; and particularly to your hair and skin. Proteins are vital for strong and healthy hair. And although many of the buy haircare products online have a certain amount of protein and other nutrients in them, it’s still important that you consume them naturally as well.
  • Improper haircare – this could include not washing your hair often enough/ washing it too frequently, having it exposed to dust too often, not dealing with greasy hair and even not dealing with dandruff the right way. To avoid this, always pay attention to your hair type and then select your haircare products If you expect to be exposed to the sun, the wind or the dust, take the precaution of a hat or a scarf.
  • Harsh styling – no doubt, when it comes to our look, many of us expect more than what’s healthy from our tresses. Society’s “standard” of beauty as well as our own personal likings tend to make us style our hair in a harsh routine. Constant use of styling products such as straightener/curlers and even hair dryers can definitely damage your hair. To avoid this, allocate “no-hairstyle days”; where you let your hair breath free. Take the precaution of using heat protecting products before using irons as well.

Rapid and dramatic weight loss – if you have an important occasion coming up, and you want to lose weight for it; be warned that rapid weight loss diets will not only shed your fat, but your mane as well. Instead of taking these crazy diets, be wiser and opt for the routine of proper foods (nutrients as well as right quantities) and the right exercise routine.